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22 Replies to “My Love Wife”

  1. lostmsu says:

    good girl..

  2. zoranko55 says:

    damn.. i want to fuck with her... hot chick...

  3. TheGAM3Report says:

    It's really hard to get over the fact that he sounds like he's in 8th grade

  4. airwolf says:

    AND ASK FIRST. Just say to him "how would you like it if I took out a strap on while you wern't looking and stuck it up you?" I do realize I am a guy...

  5. namtuoc0202 says:

    cm convesar vc!!!

  6. cdz1812 says:

    Instant favorite, instant boner.

  7. r0ck_strong0 says:

    Omg im jacking love them and my asians

  8. Daniel123819 says:


  9. DulceMuse says:


  10. yun44 says:

    Video game porn

  11. stacietrump says:

    Damm !! what a slut!!

  12. Wavelabs says:

    I had twin step sisters. I banged both of them in the same will go down as my legendary moment forever !

  13. fcpjanc says:

    Come check out my girlfriend and make sure you leave a comment on her!

  14. david.richmond9 says:

    I hate her.

  15. murphysteel says:

    Nice video! Nice storyline. But, now I'm curious to see a video of her husband with his secretary. How much hot must be this secretary, huh? xD

  16. Maikuul96 says:

    Hey guys. Do u know a link where i can find this full video? It cut off at my favourite part.

  17. ConnorC says:

    wow i like

  18. Masutin says:

    Eating her pussy like its a pie eating contest

  19. mookthemonk says:

    I love her skinny body !

  20. martijn724 says:

    Very nice beginning, and I thought they would fuck, but there was only a blowjob. What a pity!!

  21. KiritoSAO says:


  22. Tyler_7 says:

    I think he actually liked her as a person.

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